Let’s admit it – eating healthy is hard and it takes a great deal of dedication and planning- but as with many things in life it is not impossible! With a little bit of creativity and planning we can set ourselves up for success. Over the last few years my diet has drastically improved – I think back to my high school days and just really wonder how I survived those years! My diet consisted of chips, pizza, ramen noodles and soda – it was not cute, it was not healthy and it was definitely not smart to eat that way but at the time I was truly not aware of the harm I was putting my body through. I really wish the school system did a better job at educating students on proper nutrition but that’s a topic for another day!

I began to educate myself on nutrition in college and slowly began to incorporate healthy foods into my diet and also began to exercise a couple of times a week. Over the years I have come to realize that while I can prepare healthy meals that I really enjoy my downfall is snacking. When I get hungry and do not have time to cook a healthy meal I tend to reach for an unhealthy snack. Which is usually (fun fact alert!) something chocolatey – I am a total sucker for anything chocolate!

In order to resist the ever present chocolate temptation I try to make sure I do not feel hunger in between meals so here is my list of my favorite easy and healthy go to snacks. Also, in addition to eating a healthy balanced diet I cannot stress enough how important it is to drink water throughout the day – I wrote a post on this topic – The Do’s and Dont’s of Keeping Your Body Hydrated – check it out for my top pieces on advice on that topic!

Roasted Pumpkin and Sunflower Seeds

This snack probably takes the most time – no more than 2-3 minutes - to whip up and it is incredibly easy. All I do is grab a handful of pumpkin seeds (also known as pepitas) and a handful of sunflower seeds and throw them onto a pan set on medium-high heat for a few minutes and mixing the seeds around to roast them on all sides. Important note: they both need to be in their raw form no added sugar and not pre-roasted.  Now, if you want to add some sea salt you can (I usually do) but you do not have to – this snack is super delicious even without the salt.


Clementines are my favorite type of citrusy fruit I find them to have the perfect amount of natural sweetness and a great bite-sized snack. These little fruits are packed with great sources of minerals and nutrients like calcium, potassium, magnesium and vitamin C. All the elements that make up this fruit are great for the immune system, your skin and your digestion.

Coconut Chips

I came across some coconut chips in the checkout line at TJMaxx last year and decided to give them a try on a whim and boy I’m glad I did, they have the perfect crunch and what is even better is that the only ingredient in these is coconut, that’s it. The specific brand I have purchased these coconut chips in is in case you are interested in checking them out.

Raw Cashews

Being allergic to many fruits and nuts I am limited to the type of nuts I can intake and cashews if one of them. What I cannot have (in their raw form) are almonds, pecans, pistachios or walnuts as long as these are roasted I can have them but I always proceed with caution. I really love to have raw cashews on hand all the time as I like to eat them by the handful and are always very filling. Also, cashews are a great source of copper, phosphorous, manganese, magnesium and zinc.

Coconut Vanilla Macaroons

These have been yet another TJMaxx checkout line find! Again they looked very good and I bought them on a whim these macaroons are vegan, raw and gluten free in addition to being made in small batches (I love anything and everything that is made in small batches!). Of course my all-time favorite macaroons are chocolate macaroons but these vanilla coconut ones definitely give those a run for their money. If you are interested in these coconut vanilla macaroons you can check them out at

Cucumber Slices with lime

I have been eating this snack since I’ve had any recollection of memory. My mom used to make this for my sister and I as children and it has become a huge staple in my diet. All you need to do here is slice up as much or as little cucumber as you‘d like (I usually go for a regular sized cucumber) I then add lime juice from an entire lime and then add some salt (optional). AHHH my mouth is watering from just writing that! I know that not everyone likes sour foods but if you are like me and you do this snack is a must try!

What are your favorite easy and go to snacks to keep your food intake on track? Share below!