We live in a truly exciting world of constant interaction with either the physical people around you or the people you converse with online. The constant interaction is not only fascinating and eye opening but it can also be draining, exhausting and destructive to your mind and body. While I love spending time with my family and friends and building connections while perusing social media sites and blogs – I know that every now and then my mind and body needs some alone time. Everyone’s definition of alone time varies and the length we each need will also be different.  My alone time is not very long because I do not feel like I need to completely detach myself for long periods of time – my alone time is usually between 3-4 hours every month or so. Some people find that detaching themselves from everything and everyone is more beneficial if they do it say once a year for a couple of days and take a quick solo getaway. Whatever strategy you think works best for you is the one you should try.


Time alone is great opportunity to recharge - as mentioned above the constant interaction we have nowadays is exciting, eye opening and fun but it can also be exhausting. And I truly believe that in order to be fully present during your times of interaction it is super important to allow yourself some alone time to re-charge and re-group your mind and your body by slowing all of the everyday craziness down.


Some of the best jolts of creativity have come to me while having some alone time while listening to good music, doing laundry, cleaning or even running errands. Alone time gives your mind a chance to wander off and think freely which will always invite our dear friend creativity to come sweeping in!


Again, with so many things going on in our lives at any given moment it can get a little crazy and hard to keep things in perspective. Time alone allows me to take a step back and re-prioritize and re-strategize the things that need to get done and the things I want to get done. This is a great way to keep yourself in check and not overload yourself with things you need to do and want to do. Learning how to balance out your life will probably be one of the best gifts you can give yourself!


When I spend time alone doing things, like running errands, I get so much more done than if I were to do the same things in the company of other people. While, yes, it is a lot more fun and entertaining to do things with others, sometimes time is of the essence and doing things alone will not only tremendously boost your productivity it is also really healthy for you too!

Are you spending quality time with alone? If yes, what activities allow you to recharge, find creativity, find balance and become more productive?