If there is one feeling that connects all human beings my wild guess would be that it is the aspiration to find happiness. This topic has been top of mind the past few days after a very interesting and inspiring conversation I had with my brother. After that conversation, we came to the conclusion that it is our duty to find happiness within our current situation. Sure, we can aspire to have more – more money, a better job, more vacations, more houses and that’s fine. In fact, I think it’s great to have those aspirations because they keep us intrinsically motivated to keep pushing our own envelopes and do bigger and better things. But they key is to let those aspirations be just that – aspirations – and be thankful, grateful and humble for that you DO have today. 

While there are many, many reasons to be happy at any given moment – I have boiled it down to my top two reasons: the people around you and your health. These are the two things that are the highest on my priority list and they are the things that really propel and motivate me whenever I am having a doubtful or not-so-happy moment.


The people you have in your life and the people who love you unconditionally are the people who truly want to see you happy. So be happy and grateful to have them in your life. Be present when you are talking to them and cherish those moments because as much as we want them to be around forever they will not always be there. When you are around these people who love you, be sure to consistently engage in meaningful conversations with them. And that means you get to put your phone down, shut off the TV and focus on them and your conversation, yes, you read that correctly, as difficult as it is giving undivided attention nowadays you need to do it. You will be surprised and how much you will learn from them and how much more you will learn about yourself.


Be grateful for your health and your well-being. Sure, you may have those few stubborn pounds you want to drop but that is small potatoes compared to the challenging lives people all over the world lead due to some type of illness or unforeseen accident. So, be grateful for the body you have and treat it well. Feed it quality food and get your body moving to keep your blood circulating. Drink lots of water and stay far, FAR away from soda and processed foods. Trust me, your body will thank you immensely for that.

What are the things that keep you grounded and happy? Share below!