Hi Again!

I have been a busy bee this summer. Aside from working on Ninel Studio during most of my spare time I had two weddings (one of them was a destination wedding in the Dominican Republic – it was AH-MAZING),  I also made it a point to spend much more time outdoors than what I have in past years. This past winter was absolutely brutal in Boston it was freezing and we got a record amount of snow (the last bit of it JUST melted in July!), my point is that I had never wished for warm weather as much as I did last winter.  During the never ending hours I spent shoveling snow all I could think about was the feeling of the hot sun as I laid by the beach.  I am happy to report that my wish came true!

Moving on, I am feeling pretty good about the overall progress we have made for Ninel Studio. A few weeks ago we finalized our website thanks to the very talented Rachel over at Elk Street Design. The entire process from beginning to end took about 4-5 months; she was ever so patient with me as I can be somewhat indecisive at times!

So, what’s next?

Well, our first collection is complete. YAY! All we have left to do is product photography, which we will wrap up in the next couple of weeks. I will admit I have struggled with this one as photography is not a strong suit of mine.  This must be one of those “you will learn as you go” when it comes to entrepreneurship.  Once that is completed, our pillows will officially launch on the site. I CANNOT WAIT!!

In the meantime, you can follow us on Instagram @ninelstudio.