Living the life you want requires a lot of work but most of it is internal work. Some of it can be easy and some of it can take a long time to get a good hold of, but, it is never too late to start.

1 - Get out of your comfort zone

Do at least one uncomfortable things everyday it can be tiny or it can be big. But push yourself do something you normally wouldn’t.

2 -  Slow it down a notch

We breeze through life in such a hurry that we often miss the beauty that is right in front of us. So, slow it down and take in your present.

3 -  Know your worth

Don’t compare yourself to others. Everyone has their own journey and purpose. Be happy for those who are succeeding and supportive to those that are on their way.

4 - Keep moving

It’s easy to give up and quit. Don’t. Just don’t.

5 - Focus on what you want

We tend to put too much energy into the things we do not like or want in our lives. Let’s reverse that and put your thoughts and energy into the things we like and we want.

6 - Be kind

Be an overall kinder person. Period.

7 - Don’t criticize

Its easy to get caught up in gossip but you will see life through a brighter perspective when you end all of the non-constructive critiquing.

8 - Find a passion

And dedicate time to it.

9 - Be grateful for what you have

Always strive to better yourself and your life situation but while you are doing that do not forget to be grateful for the things and people you have today.

10 - Break out a smile

Just be grateful that you are alive.

11 - Get enough sleep

Make sleep a priority. You mind, body and soul will thank you.

12 - Look towards the future

Don’t dwell on your past. Its unchangeable. Focus on your future.

13 - Take a break

Listen to your body and take a break when it is asking for one.

14 - Meditate

Incorporate meditation into your life. 10 minutes a day is enough.

15 - Read

Books, newspapers, magazines, online articles – always expand your mind. It will expand your horizons.

16 - Be creative

We all have creativity within us. Let it shine through.

17 - Don’t over-analyze

It’s a natural reaction, one that I’m guilty of. But it’s just not worth the trouble.

What rules do you live your life by? Share below!