Six practical ways to give your mood an instantaneous boost

Ever wake up on the wrong side of the bed? I have. Sometimes there is nothing really “wrong” in your life but for some reason you may not feel as energized as the day before. I feel this way maybe a handful of times a year and there usually is not explanation for it. Overtime I have realized that this is totally normal and there is no need to worry because it is just temporary feeling. Whenever I feel this way, I do a few simple things in order to help lift up my spirits.


There is (scientifically backed) a direct correlation between the amount of Vitamin D in your body and how happy you feel. There are three main ways to feed your body the Vitamin D it needs – the food you eat, the supplements you take and the amount of exposure to the sun you take in. When I am in a not-so-great mood I grab a seat and take in the sun for no more than 30 minutes. And for those of you who are in the middle of winter right now (like me), no this does not only have to happen in the summer months – when it is cold outside I find a sunny spot by a window and simple feel the sun rays on your skin.


My all-time favorite thing to do is to light a candle (or two!). Good candle scents instantly boost my mood and having a candle lit truly relaxes me while also making my home smell divine, that is a win-win in my book! But, if in case you are not a candle person you can try incents – if you like muskier scents these may be a great option for you.


Yes a good old walk will do the trick in getting you in a better mood. Something about getting the blood flowing in your body and breathing in some fresh air will re-energize your mind, body and soul from the inside out. Give it a try!


Pop in your favorite movie! I have favorite movies in different genres but on not-so-good days I stick to my favorite comedies which are…Money Talks and The Devil Wears Prada. Now I know, these are not technically considered comedies but in my book they are J. My point here is to laugh whether it is a movie, a tv show or a book – whatever floats your boat.


That’s right! Hug your mom, your dad, your sister, your brother, your dog… you get the gist. When I am not in a great mood I always hug my dog – Nina. She is cool with about 2 or three hugs, after that she needs her own space but something about hugging someone you love will always make you feel better. No question about it.


Do you like to draw, cook, sew, read books? Do anything you love to do and do it with passion, immerse yourself in whatever your favorite activity is and you will come out feeling refreshed and motivated.

How do you lift up your energy on your not-so-good days? What tips can you share with us?