About the Designer

Hi! I’m Xiomara the owner and designer behind Ninel Studio. I was born and raised in the beautiful and historical city of Boston, Massachusetts – where winters are long and summers are short (but, that’s what keeps things interesting!). I received my undergraduate degree from Boston College in 2010 and my master’s degree from Simmons College in 2014.


While, my professional background is in Business and Communications Management, since I can remember, I have been drawn to anything crafty and authentically handmade. Combine that with my love for home décor, comfort and color and that is how Ninel Studio went from a dream to a reality. Thank you for stopping by my little shop!

the candle process


Coming up with the perfect candle scent is like a chemistry experiment. There is a lot of mixing of scents and different ratios and many, many different combinations that are tried before the perfect recipe is found.

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Once we've landed on the scent we love we take our time to test. We test using a few different ratios until we figure out the perfect combination. We test the temperature of the wax - from the max temperature, to the mixing temperature to the pour temperature. 


We lovingly make each candle with the utmost care. Our candles are made in very small batches and each candle receives the level of attention it deserves. We then let each candle cure for at least three days to allow for a strong and decadent throw. 

The Pillow Process

The Creative Process

Creating a handmade item is truly a work of art. Most of our designs are sketched beforehand but some of them were experiments that turned out beautifully. Each design is created from a thoughtful place, from the depth of the color to the size of the pattern. 

The Binding & Dyeing Process 

This is by far my favorite part! We use a modern version of the ancient Shibori technique. All of our fabric is folded, pleated, and hand dyed in our studio in very small batches which convey the originality in each and every item. We use fiber reactive dyes which are permanent and do not fade overtime – these dyes are perfect to use with natural fibers (such as linen). 

The Making Process

All of our pillows are handmade in Boston from beginning to end. Each pillow comes to life one by one, stitch by stitch. They are first cut to size, then pinned in place and finally carefully sewn together. 



We use 100% natural linen for our dyed fabric and either gold or silver metallic 100% linen for the back of the pillows. Both fabrics are soft and luxurious to the touch. 


We use invisible YKK zippers on our pillows. These zippers have a proven track record of durability; therefore it was a no brainer!


We use either 50/50 or 75/25 down inserts for our pillows. This is an area we are looking to make improvements on to find the best inserts to match our pillows.